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Wide range of Flexlife cables available from Micromax

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Turck introduced flexlife-10, a high flex cable that guaranteed 10 million cycles of continuous flexing, bending and twisting.

Turck has continued its testing, and the cables have now surpassed 20 million cycles.

Common applications for flexlife-20 highly flexible cable include cable carriers, robotic welding, assembly, material handling, dispensing and coating applications.

Turck’s flex test protocols are designed to replicate abusive automated environments where the combined multi-axis motions of twisting, bending and flexing occur continuously for millions of cycles.

Testing provides a predictive cable service life, and flexlife-20 cables include a 20 million cycle warranty.

Flexlife-20’s superior performance is due to innovative design and custom compounds, including thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and polyurethane (PUR) cable jackets, Teflon flex facilitators and finely stranded custom alloy conductors.

This design generates less heat as the cable flexes, providing a longer (20 million-plus flex cycles) product service life. flexlife-20 cable is available with moulded cordsets using industry standard connections, or as spooled cable supplied in 30, 100 or 200 meter lengths in self-feeding packages.

Turck flexlife-20 PUR and TPE cable jackets are oil, water and abrasion resistant, and available with up to 19 conductors.

In addition, flexlife-20 is UL and CSA approved, with operation temperatures up to 105° C (221° F) and cold flexibility to -40° C (-40° F).

The new series flexlife cables are available from Micromax.

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