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article image Can be surface mounted or embedded in roadways.

BANNER Engineering, represented in Australia by Micromax , has released the M-GAGE Q7M Flat-Pak, a self-contained vehicle detection sensor/amplifier that can be surface mounted or embedded in roadways.

The M-GAGE Q7M requires a single, straight, 9.525mm saw cut to install. No re-cuts are necessary to replace a sensor.

Using magnetoresistive passive sensing technology, the Q7M reliably detects three-dimensional changes in the Earth's natural magnetic field when a large metal (ferromagnetic) object such as a car, truck or vehicle is introduced. This causes the sensor's outputs to switch. The sensor functions as the receiver and uses the Earth's magnetic field as its signal source. It automatically learns its environment, determining ambient background characteristics and storing them in nonvolatile memory. Once an environment is learned the sensor is accurate enough to detect objects that are stopped.

It is suitable for gate-and-door detection of a vehicle at entry and exit doors for car washes and drive-through service facilities or at a fast food kiosk. It can also be wall-mounted to detect a tractor trailer at a loading dock or a forklift passing through an automatic overhead door.

Programming is done with a remote TEACH wire, onboard push button, or via a portable programming box or traditional PLC. The sensor's output is directly connected to a PLC or timer input and can be taught by the PLC and/or push button.

It measures 77mm x 19mm x 7.5mm and its housing is constructed of epoxy-encapsulated anodised aluminum with thermoplastic polyester end caps. It achieves IP69K and NEMA 6P environmental ratings and has both NPN and PNP outputs and operates in temperatures from -40°C to 70°C.

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