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Universal voltage models added to standard housing sensor

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article image Available with 2m or 9m integral cable.

BANNER Engineering, represented in Australia by Micromax Pty Ltd , has introduced new World-Beam QS30 series sensors in standard 10V to 30V dc or 12V to 250V dc/24 to 250V ac universal voltage formats.

The latest additions to Banner's extensive World-Beam sensing family, the QS30 dc and ac/dc universal voltage models, feature a 30mm threaded barrel or side hole mounting option, IP67 sealed housing with EMI/RFI protected circuitry and an oversized status indicator for clear visibility from great distances.

They are available in opposed, diffuse, retroreflective, polarised retroreflective and fixed-field models. These new additions complete the QS30 series, which already includes laser, adjustable-field and high-power opposed mode models.

"The World-Beam QS30 series product is a true workhorse in Banner's offering of midsize photoelectric sensors," said Banner Engineering’s Research and Development Product Planning Manager, Chris Dales. "Whatever your power requirement is or sensing challenge may be, there is a QS30 model to meet your needs and they are also among the most affordable."

With its compact size and many available sensing models, the World-Beam QS30 series sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications in the packaging, materials handling, wood processing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Applications include:

* Determining presence/absence and product positioning on conveyors or automated machinery

* Sensing items within a fixed field, while ignoring objects beyond a designated cutoff point

* Controlling roll-up doors in entry/exit applications

* Providing accurate, general-purpose sensing without concern for supply voltage.

Features of the World-Beam QS30 include:

* Preprogrammed fixed-field models for 200mm, 400mm or 600mm cutoff - no field adjustments needed

* Single-turn potentiometer on the back of retroreflective, polarised retroreflective and diffuse dc models allow for user adjustment

* Bright green and amber status LEDs visible from 360° and an extra-large output indicator on back of sensor is highly-visible from long distances

* Compact housing with popular 30mm threaded barrel and two side-mount holes

* An extensive offering of versatile mounting brackets

* All models available with 2m or 9m integral cable and dc models available with a 5-pin Euro-style integral quick-disconnect.

The World-Beam QS30 series dc sensors feature solid-state bipolar outputs, one current sourcing (PNP) and one current sinking (NPN). The QS30 series ac/dc universal voltage sensors are believed to be the world's smallest self-contained photoelectric to offer an integrated SPDT e/m relay (complementary outputs 1 NO and 1 NC) to switch electrical loads up to 5A.

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