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Universal safety mat monitor modules

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article image Banner’s safety mat monitor module.

BANNER Engineering has announced new safety mat monitor modules. These new modules feature a universal design that can be used with any standard, 4-wire safety mat or safety edge that is based on contact plates or strips that short together to cause activation.

Available from Micromax , they facilitate exceptional safety protection with their dual-diverse, microprocessor-based design, meeting Safety Category 4 per ISO 13489-1 (EN 954-1, and ISO 13850 (EN 418).

The module's sensor circuit monitors the contact plates of the safety mat, and consists of bi-polar (diverse) redundant channels that issue the stop command (i.e. opens the safety outputs) when the two channels are shorted together as an individual steps onto the safety mat.

The module provides the redundant safety outputs required to create a control-reliable safety circuit. The new unit is very economical allowing multiple mats to be switched in series with a single module.

Contacts include four redundant, forced-guided (positive-guided) outputs rated at 6A. One normally-closed output monitors status and two auxiliary solid-state outputs indicate the state of the internal relays and power supply.

The safety mat module offers two primary functions: it monitors the contacts and wiring of one or more safety mats preventing machine restarts in the event of a mat or module failure.

It also provides a reset routine after an operator steps off a mat (per ANSI B11 and NFPA 79 machine safety standards) via selectable Auto-Reset or Monitored Manual Reset modes.

The safety module is powered by either 24V dc/115V ac or 24V dc/230V ac at 4W/1.5VA. Installation is simplified through removable terminal blocks and a DIN-rail-mountable 45 mm-wide housing.

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