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Universal pushbutton to DeviceNet station

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article image Fits standard pushbutton enclosures.

INTERLINKBT, represented by Micromax , has announced its new FDN20 DeviceNet station to connect every pushbutton to a DeviceNet network.

The FDN20-4S-4XSG-E pushbutton solution is compact, rugged, and inexpensive, and has a built-in DeviceNet eurofast connector. It easily fits into any standard pushbutton enclosure.

To mount FDN20, simply drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the pushbutton enclosure. The FDN20's DeviceNet eurofast connector is then inserted into the hole and the lock nut is tightened.

The DeviceNet eurofast connector extends out the base of the pushbutton enclosure and is ready for connection to a network drop cable. The I/O screw terminals are easily accessible inside the enclosure.

No other cables are needed. The FDN20 powers its input and outputs from DeviceNet. This is ideal for dry contact inputs and indicator outputs.

The FDN20 is very rugged. The eurofast connector is rated IP67; so a sealed pushbutton enclosure can be created.

It has an operating temperature range of -25ºC to 70ºC. The printed circuit board is coated to protect electronics against condensation within the enclosure.

A version of the FDN20 is also available without the eurofast connector.

The FDN20-4S-4XSG-E is extremely flexible. It has four dedicated inputs and four inputs or outputs, and can handle any of the following I/O mixes: 8 in, 7 in/1 out, 6 in/2 out, 5 in/3 out, or 4 in/4 out.

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