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Unitronics Jazz PLC available from Micromax

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Micromax Sensors & Automation, also known as Micromax , have introduced Unitronics Jazz, a PLC that includes on-board I/Os plus a full-function operator panel with a numeric keypad.

The Unitronics Jazz PLC’s capabilities include 24K (virtual) ladder programming, functions such as math, store/load, compare, interrupt and loops.

The fully-functioning HMI of the Unitronics Jazz PLC provides 60 user-designed screens, an alpha-numeric keypad and a multi-lingual display. The HMI helps customers to increase productivity by displaying operating instructions, system-fault messages and conditional data.

The Unitronics Jazz PLC features a variety of communication options, including SMS messaging, Remote Access utilities, and PC access through MODBUS or OPC/DDE servers.

The Unitronics Jazz PLC is suitable for applications ranging from simple electric boards to complex production lines. The Unitronics Jazz PLC’s high-speed inputs, combined with remote communication options make it suitable for water and agriculture applications. Industrial lighting, automatic barriers/doors and air conditioning can also be easily controlled by the Unitronics Jazz PLC.

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