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Unitronics' JZ10-11-UA24 and JZ-11-UN20 PLCs available from Micromax

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Micromax  Sensors & Automation have announced that Unitronics' new Jazz models are suitable for temperature control. These models are PLCs with an embedded HMI and direct temperature measurement inputs.

If a system or process requires temperature measurement, users can choose a PID controller, or a high-level PLC that includes PID functionality. The PID controller is cheaper but must be set up as an extra unit, programmed and able to communicate with other parts of the system. Using a high-level PLC can save a lot of work. Unitronics have launched two Jazz PLCs that are alternatives to the PID controller.

The JZ10-11-UA24 PLC offers two thermocouple/PT100 inputs, two analogue inputs and two analogue outputs. The JZ-11-UN20 PLC offers one thermocouple/PT100 input and one analogue input. Both models include additional digital I/Os and total I/O count reaches up to 24 onboard I/Os.

These models include four auto-tune PID loops. PID can be set using the onboard temperature/analogue inputs and the analogue or PWM outputs (all onboard transistor outputs can function as PWM outputs).

The JZ10-11-UA24 and JZ-11-UN20 PLCs also feature a full-function HMI with a two line LCD text display that shows up to 60 user-designed screens and a 16-key keypad. The multilingual display supports over 15 languages and 20 graphic symbols, including the degree sign.

Software functions include interrupts, loops, maths, store and compare. Communication options include SMS messaging, MODBUS networking and PC access through MODBUS or OPC.

Jazz PLCs with onboard temperature inputs offer a solution for small machines where temperature control is needed. These PLCs are suitable for ovens activated according to RTC, ramp and soak and multi-step programmers. They are also suitable for autoclaves, rotating tables, home automation and small-to-medium systems.

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