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True colour sorting sensor

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article image The QC50 -- true colour detection.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced its new QC50 true colour sensor that reliably analyses and identifies user-determined colours.

Unlike standard sensing methods which only detect light to dark contrast, the advanced Banner QC50 emits a modulated white light which, when reflected back from an object, is electronically filtered to its red, green and blue components for accurate colour determination.

The QC50 offers colour-only and colour-plus-intensity sensing modes. Colour-only mode is ideal for sorting applications where the colour differences are obvious such as red or black or green and colour-plus-intensity mode refines the sensor's capabilities to include grey scale.

This mode is used for batch sorting when identifying a specific colour from within a family is required such as light blue, medium blue or dark blue.

Programming the QC50 is straightforward and easily accomplished. With its three independent output channels, the QC50 can be set to reliably detect up to three different user defined colours and with a 335 microsecond response speed, the QC50 is suitable for integration into a high-speed production process.

Two pushbuttons are used to make manual adjustments of the colour channels, sensing mode and tolerance levels.

A compact and flexible sensor, the QC50 has a rugged ABS plastic housing rated IP67 and operates in temperatures of -10°C to +55°C. A swivel disconnect fitting adjusts to three positions, allowing for convenient mounting and connection in confined areas.

The 10 to 30V dc, QC50 has a maximum output rating of 40mA @ 24V dc.

Models are available with a choice of three NPN (current sinking) or three PNP (current sourcing) outputs.

They tolerate vibration and mechanical shock and are also protected against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload, and transient overvoltages.

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