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Banner Engineering has introduced SureCross Wireless Network, a wireless platform built from the ground up for industry, featuring proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) design, advanced power management features and robust communications integrity.

SureCross is designed and built by Banner Engineering, and it is optimised for a wide range of challenging sensing and control applications with good reliability, security and deterministic response capabilities.

A basic SureCross network consists of a Gateway system controller and one or more remotely located Nodes that bring monitoring and control capabilities to connected I/O. Nodes are easily deployed throughout a facility, gathering information to be concentrated at the Gateway.

Each Gateway can simultaneously support up to 15 Nodes and each Node can accommodate up to 12 I/O points, depending on configuration. Rugged, self-contained Banner SureCross Gateways and Nodes accommodate both digital and analogue I/O in a single platform.

SureCross, available from Micromax , also offers bidirectional Rx/Tx communications with reliable performance capabilities to provide monitoring and control in processing applications.

This feature protects information during communication interruption or failure by reverting to a configured default output condition. The network automatically returns to normal operational status when the RF link is re-established.

“While wireless monitoring is far from new, industry has had to wait patiently for robust, bidirectional network devices that offer a feature set for the demands of manufacturing, commercial and processing applications,” said Chris Dales, Senior Application Engineer, Banner Wireless Division.

“SureCross provides the capabilities to fulfill the promise of comprehensive, facility-wide integrated management. Monitoring and actuating capabilities are extended through a robust new standard for wireless connectivity, often to locations and applications never before possible or feasible.”

Dales adds, “Multiple SureCross networks can coexist in close proximity, and the network integrates seamlessly with existing process or control networks.”

Robust and secure. SureCross demonstrates good operational reliability and optimum security required for industrial applications by employing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) communications, integrity verified by bidirectional transceivers in each device to fully acknowledge data transmission.

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) slots guarantee bandwidth to each Node, while Polling and Site Survey capabilities ensure communication integrity, either at the Gateway or locally at each device by means of an integrated display.

SureCross offers both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz models, allowing deployment of advanced wireless capabilities anywhere in the world. Power for remote Nodes is facilitated by Banner Engineering’s innovative FlexPower solution that offers the flexibility of line power, solar power, or years of continuous operation using Banner Engineering’s exclusive FlexPower battery module.

Banner Engineering offers a large number of SureCross Wireless kits configured to solve many common applications quickly and easily. Preset functionality makes the network easy to deploy and operate, and a network can be easily reconfigured or relocated by means of simple onboard network ID switches.

Users can also alter presets and expand systems, creating a solution tailored for their individual applications.

The Banner SureCross Wireless Network features the following:

  • An all-in-one packaged wireless solution with plug-and-play functionality
  • Purpose-built system for sensing designed and built by the sensor leader
  • Digital and analogue I/O in a single unit
  • 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz models to meet global communications standards
  • Compact, self-contained modules in a rugged, IP67/NEMA 6 design
  • Bidirectional Rx/Tx communication
  • Direct connectivity to Modbus RTU RS-485 and RS-232 serial communications, and other industrial protocols
  • Integrated LCD display, LED status indicators and push-button/menu-driven configuration (no PC required to configure)
  • Versatile mounting and wiring options with readily accessible wiring terminals
  • Embedded Site Survey feature ensures optimal device location and peak RF performance
  • Advanced power management for both communications and sensors
  • Flexible power options including FlexPower battery module, line power or solar power

Applications - The SureCross Wireless Network operates in extreme environments while eliminating the need for costly wiring runs, making it ideal for a broad range of factory and process applications, including the following:

  • Motor temperature monitoring and control in a high-friction environment
  • Rotating machinery data acquisition
  • Remote monitoring of towers or tank farms
  • Assembly line error proofing
  • Dairy bulk tank temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Barn ventilation and air flow monitoring
  • Detection of water tank levels in ethanol plants
  • Municipal water monitoring for multiple data points
  • Loading dock occupancy monitoring for traffic management
  • Train car location monitoring and marshalling in train yards
  • Physical plant energy monitoring and management
  • Storage room security and access monitoring
  • Retail traffic flow and consumer habits analysis
  • Parking ramp payment kiosk access and control
  • Refrigerated storage system temperature monitoring

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