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Ruggedised hi-flex sensing fibres

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article image Steelskin fibres incorporate a stainless steel overjacket.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced new Steelskin plastic sensing fibres. Featuring field-proven Dura-Bend multi-core construction, these fibres have extraordinary flexing capability and carry light through extremely tight radius bends with no signal loss or fibre damage.

The incorporation of a braided 304 grade stainless steel over-jacket provides wear-resistant fibre protection as well as aesthetically pleasing, high-tech looks.

Designed to endure the rigours of a harsh work environment, these fibres can withstand snagging, cutting, and abrasion far beyond standard plastic fibres.

With a minimum bend radius of 10mm and at just 2.9mm OD, Steelskin optical fibres are lighter and thinner than typical glass fibres.

The narrow sheathing makes them well suited for low profile applications embedded in machinery or integrated into difficult-to-access locations.

These fibres are terminated with plastic ferrules for interfacing to Banner "FP" style amplifiers and can be used with most fibre optic photoelectric sensors, including the popular Mini-Beam, World-Beam, DIN-rail mountable D10, D11 and D12 units, new miniature FI22, and others.

Steelskin optical fibres have a continuous operating temperature from 0° to 70°C and are available in one metre and two metre standard lengths with custom lengths available on request.

A wide variety of sensing end tips are available in individual models (sold in pairs) or bifurcated models including; right-angle, threaded mount, probe and slot style.

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