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Rapid changeover for multiple runs

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article image The vision sensor (left) and operator interface terminal.

BANNER Engineering and Red Lion Controls have introduced a vision inspection system that allows users to instantly change inspection parameters when processing multiple products requiring frequent changeover.

The system consists of the Banner PresencePLUS2 vision sensor, Red Lion CL01 operator interface terminal and Red Lion Edict-97 software.

Banner's easy-to-use PresencePLUS2 vision sensor now more conveniently runs on lines that frequently change the parts or packages they are manufacturing or inspecting.

Red Lion has teamed with Banner, empowering factories with an interface terminal that will store inspection parameters and instantly upload the desired inspection to the PresencePLUS2 sensor.

More specifically, Red Lion has written a PresencePLUS2 driver for its Edict-97 software. This driver allows the PresencePLUS2 sensor and the PresencePLUS2 Windows software to interface directly to Red Lion HMIs -including the CL01.

The new system operates by using the PresencePLUS2 sensor and software. The user sets up the inspections to be run and saves the inspection parameters on a Windows PC.

The user transfers the saved inspections (.inp files) from the Windows PC to the Red Lion CL01 operator interface terminal with a serial cable. The Red Lion CL01 is then ready to download the stored inspection files to the PresencePLUS2 via an RS232 serial port and cable.

Inspection changes can be done manually using the CL01's friendly "hot-keys" or user defined button sequences.

Automatic inspection changes can also be programmed into a PLC or other interface solution for multiple product inspections. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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