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Programmable pressure sensors

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article image Designed to tolerate tough applications.

TURCK Inc., represented in Australia by Micromax Pty Ltd , has launched new programmable pressure sensors that combine high accuracy and performance with simple programming, resulting in an extremely user-friendly sensor.

The PS400 and PS500 sensors are easily programmed via three controls: two push buttons for scrolling through programming features and one recessed enter key.

The menu is clear and concise to allow parameters such as set points, reset points, output functions, analogue ranges and a range of special options to be programmed with ease.

The menu also includes an optional electronic lockout that disables the push buttons from functioning until the lockout is removed.

The high accuracy programmable pressure sensors are specified with a switch point accuracy of = +/-0.5%, generally exceeding what is required by the machine engineering sector.

The combination of high accuracy and flexible programming often allows a single sensor to replace several conventional sensors (with varying sensing ranges) resulting in a significant reduction in inventory.

These sensors feature a large, bright 4-digit, 7-segment LCD display with a constant indication of pressure in either psi, bar, kPa, or MPa.

This display is tilted at a 45° angle and can be inverted electronically for easy reading in a variety of applications.

The PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors are encased in compact, 34mm diametre housing with various threaded connections for simple, versatile installation.

The PS500 series also features a process connection that allows the housing to rotate 360° for optimal viewing prior to locking the sensor in place.

The innovative PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors were designed to tolerate tough applications. Stainless steel housing with an integrated stainless steel M12 eurofast connector enables fast and reliable installation.

The sensors also offer a variety of stainless steel pressure connections including G1/4 and 1/4-18NPT threads.

The sensors are highly resistant to overpressure and burst pressure, yet they also incorporate a patented medium stop system that prevents leakage when these levels are exceeded, which immediately seals the sensor if the pressure cell has been damaged.

All of these features were incorporated to create a pressure sensor ideal for use in virtually any application.

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