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UNICONTROL is a suite of software tools, available from Micromax , that enables communication between a personal computer running any of the popular versions of the MS Windows operating system and the UniMux XQL or the UNIMETER XQL.

Uni-Link is for direct communications with a PC and Uni-Tools is for configuration of the instruments.

The Uni-Link software has been developed to 'piggy-back' on the power of existing Microsoft programs such as Excel and Access.

It operates with all current Windows operating systems including W98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP.

In its simplest form it can be described as removing the need to enter information or data via the computer keyboard, since it feeds information directly and in 'real-time' from Unimeter into Microsoft application software.

Uni-Link can automatically get information of any kind from a factory, laboratory or from anywhere in the world. This information or data will then appear in 'real-time' in the computer for recording, logging and analytical purposes.

The system can be expanded or modified by the user at no cost. Uni-Link 'Window SCADA' is a 'once only license fee for ownership' system.

With UniLink it is easy to build and operate a real-time SCADA system. The user can control and monitor any local or remote plant from within Microsoft Windows. This software package has been integrated into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Access database.

Not only are the full features of Microsoft Office available, but also programmability is a keystroke away with the in-built Visual Basic.

The system is able to data log and display hundreds of channels per second directly into the Access database and display user selected graphs in Excel.

The system is based on a standard Uni-bus RS-485 two wire system using the multi-drop and 9-bit protocols with our proprietary AS4000 serial adaptor, or using a standard RS-422/485 interface adapter.

Using the same Uni-bus RS485 technology, Unitools has been developed as a programming tool for the Unimeter and Uni-mux. It is a toolset used to configure all functions and features in the instruments.

Linearisation and profile values are programmed through this package. Unitools may even be used to download logged values into a CSV format file (comma delimited).

Benefits include:

* Full support for all current windows platforms.

* Backwardly compatible with UniSoft files.

* Program interface maintained for ease of use.

* Integrate with virtually any software package through DLLs.

* Ability to create custom applications in any programming language or environment that implements the COM (common object module) industry standard including MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, MS Visual FoxPro, Borland Delphi, etc.

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