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Over 100,000 Unitronics’ control devices installed worldwide

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UNITRONICS has announced that over 100,000 units of its Vision and M90/M91 OPLC series, which combine PLC and HMI attributes, have been shipped to customers worldwide.

Unitronics has been developing and selling PLCs since 1989. In 1999, the M90 series was launched. Today Unitronics’ M90/M91 controllers automate a large amount of small machines, water and wastewater systems, production floors and industrial processes worldwide.

Unitronics Vision series represents a new generation of OPLC, powerful PLCs with an integrated graphic/touchscreen operator panel.

Vision products offer flexible on-board I/O, with optional snap-in or expansion module I/O configurations, reach functionality (such as PID algorithms or HMI trend graphs) and communication options including TCP/IP Ethernet, Modbus, GPRS, GSM and CDMA.

Operation and programming include full remote access, remote data logging and acquisition.

Unitronics is represented in Australia by Micromax .

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