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One-piece bin-picking sensor

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article image Easy-to-see job lights.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced its new PVD Series parts verification sensor featuring large bright green and red job lights that provide distinct visual cues to guide assemblers through a part picking sequence and notify of an incorrect or out-of-sequence selection.

The PVD is ideal for multi-part pick-to-light assembly, order packing and fulfillment as well as bin picking, part sorting, collating and error proofing applications.

Especially significant is the PVD's unique patent-pending one-piece self-contained emitter/receiver design that offers automatic sensing mode selection of either the diffuse or retro-reflective sensing mode depending on the presence or absence of a retro-reflective target material.

The diffuse mode is suitable for smaller bins and has a sensing range up to 400mm while the retroreflective mode accommodates larger bins with an extended 2m sensing range.

"Interfaced to a system controller with a pre-programmed task sequence, the PVD provides a fast, simple way to guide accurate bin-selection, increasing task efficiency and quality control while reducing rework and inspections," said Joe Dolinsky, technical manager for Banner's photoelectric products.

"The solid or blinking easy-to-see job lights initiate a user action and are ideal for multilingual workplaces where communication can be an issue," Dolinsky added.

The PVD is well suited for a wide range of applications in automotive, cosmetics, printing, mailing, material handling and other labour intensive industries with strict process requirements.

Also unique is the PVD sensor's ability to automatically compensate for changing sensing conditions.

"Banner's new PVD is unlike any other parts-verification sensor available. The patent-pending completely self-contained solid-state microprocessor design continually tests operating conditions and self adjusts to compensate for the degrading of returned signal changes that often occur in industrial environments," Dolinsky said.

The PVD offers a compact package size at just 30mm wide by 15mm deep and is available in two sensing lengths: 100mm or 225mm. It is constructed with a robust metal housing and a large selection of heavy-duty metal brackets and protective covers are available for added mounting flexibility and protection in particularly rugged environments like those found in automotive assembly operations.

The PVD also features 12 to 30V dc operation, adjustable DIP switches to select either PNP (sourcing) or NPN (sinking) output which operates either normally open or normally closed, flashing or steady job light, gating polarity control and a 2m unterminated cable or a 2m cable with 5-pin Euro-style quick-disconnect connector.

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