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Non-invasive liquid level sensor

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article image Offers dual operating modes.

TURCK, represented in Australia by Micromax Pty Ltd , has launched levelprox, a unique non-invasive ultrasonic sensing solution that provides accurate point level detection of liquids through metal container walls. The sensor mounts to the outside of a container and is suitable for high pressure, hazardous or sterile applications.

Levelprox uses a simple teach button to program empty and full conditions for reliable detection of liquid through a metal container. The sensor generates a high frequency ultrasonic pulse that is transferred through the container wall, analysed and then compared to the programmed conditions.

The sensor is available in two housings, T50 and M30. The T50 features a robust 316L stainless steel housing with an integrated sanitary connection. This design is ideal for applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, because the tri-clamp mounting flange maintains proper orientation and protects the coupling during washdown operations.

The M30 housing is a standard 30mm barrel that can be easily mounted using a welding adapter or a metal strap kit. This chrome-plated brass housing is ideal for non-invasive level detection when the added expense of a sanitary fitting is not required.

Both styles of levelprox offer dual operating modes for use in even the toughest level applications.

The M30’s reverb mode evaluates the ultrasonic pulse as it reverberates within the container wall. This mode is used when the liquid has a low viscosity leaving little or no coating on the container wall, or when stirring devices are used inside the container.

The echo mode evaluates the pulse as it travels through the liquid and echoes off of the opposite container wall. This mode is best suited for detection of highly viscous liquids that coat the inside container walls, which can cause problems for traditional level detection devices.

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