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New module connects multiple networks

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article image InterlinkBT Spanner module.

InterlinkBT has announced its new FDN-DN1 "Spanner" module. The Spanner module provides a means to route data between two PLCs using DeviceNet.

It eliminates the need for a high-level control network pyramid by connecting the DeviceNet networks directly. This simple approach is extremely powerful and economical.

It appears to each PLC as a standard rack of I/O. Any DeviceNet scanner can send I/O data to the Spanner module without additional software or complex configuration procedures.

It can transfer up to 128 bytes of data in one message and replaces the high-level control network, eliminating two control cards, wiring, conduit and programming.

The Spanner module is suitable for handoff between work cells and conveyors. It offers visible rotary address switches for quick and easy addressing, and the same footprint as InterlinkBT's standard Advanced I/O Modules (AIM). Micromax 1300 362 626.

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