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New heavy duty M12 connector

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article image G-Series cordsets tolerate repeated impacts.

TURCK has announced the new G-Series M12 cordsets, available now from Micromax , as an extreme duty, rubber extension cord designed to exceed mechanical standards in punishing applications.

The G-Series cordsets, RKG male connector and RSG mating female connector are designed with a heavier, more protective coupling nut than other M12 connectors.

Extension cords with longer, stronger brass coupling nuts and CPE rubber cable provide a reliable, and nearly indestructible, wiring solution for the most demanding applications in automotive manufacturing, packaging OEM machines and processing plants.

G-Series cordsets withstand continuous exposure to oil, weld slag, solvents, lubricating and cutting fluids, ozone, UV light, abrasion, washdown, and vibration while maintaining mechanical and electrical reliability.

The longer, heavier brass coupling nut enables them to tolerate repeated impact at the connection point without damage.

During extensive testing, the cordsets exceeded SAE H1738-2 requirements by surpassing 200lbs in the right-angle pull test.

The cordsets are available with 18 AWG CPE rubber cable (3 and 4-pin), as well as PVC, PUR and TPE with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-pin conductors, with male or female connectors and in standard or custom lengths, as pigtail or extension cords.

The G-Series eurofast M12 rubber cordsets provide low temperatures performance (-50°C/-60°F) and meet the following standards; UL, CSA, NEMA 1,3,4,6, and IEC IP 68 plus NEMA 6P and 4X when built with a stainless steel coupling nut. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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