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New Diagnostic Power Conditioner system available from Micromax

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Turck introduces a revolutionary new Diagnostic Power Conditioner system (DPC) for FOUNDATION fieldbus.

The power conditioning system features an integrated diagnostics module that provides the end-user with vital statistics that ease the task of diagnosing any problems associated with the FOUNDATION fieldbus physical layer.

The information provided by the DPC system assists in the commissioning and maintenance of a FOUNDATION fieldbus system.

The DPC continuously monitors FOUNDATION fieldbus physical layer components to detect anomalies and long-term subtle changes that can occur as the system changes that otherwise might not be evident.

The system provides complex fieldbus diagnostic data via a diagnostics bus that is separate from the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segment.

Physical layer values and parameters are independently displayed via a DTM (device type manager) that can be integrated in any FDT (field device tool) application, or accessed via a FOUNDATION fieldbus device descriptor.

A DPC system can supply up to 16 segments, each with a maximum of 800 mA output current and 30 VDC output voltage, maximising the availability to individual segments.

The DPC also features complete galvanic isolation between the diagnostics bus, H1 segment output and bulk power.

This allows a clean signal without feedback from the FOUNDATION fieldbus device to the higher level asset management system.

The system can be easily connected via standard Ethernet components, allowing an existing Ethernet structure to be used for segment diagnostics resulting in the length of the system and number of the HSE field devices to be virtually unlimited.

The system is easy to install, configure and implement. The diagnostic capabilities are invaluable for commissioning, monitoring, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting FOUNDATION fieldbus systems. This can be done remotely without affecting the H1 segment.

The New Diagnostic Power Conditioner system is available from Micromax.

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