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Miniature, low-cost, pushbutton sensor

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article image World-Beam Expert photoelectric sensor.

BANNER Engineering has announced new Expert microprocessor-based versions of its World-Beam photoelectric sensor. This new sensor solves difficult applications with an advanced microprocessor that differentiates between two received light levels for precise sensitivity adjustment.

It offers increased reliability for sensing transparent materials, and is suitable for tough sensing applications such as colour mark detection on a continuous web, and sensing clear bottles or wafer cassettes on a moving conveyor.

In TEACH mode, the World-Beam Expert can ‘learn’ the light and dark conditions required, and determine the most accurate setting for recognising those conditions.

Extremely simple, push-button TEACH programming is accomplished by pushing the button once with the sensor pointed at the target, and once with it pointed at the background.

The sensor's microprocessor recognises low-contrast conditions and expands its sensitivity range before computing the optimal setting for differentiating between the received light signals.

The World-Beam Expert is available in sensing modes to solve most applications, including 3.5m range polarized retroreflective, 16mm or 43mm convergent beam, and infrared beam, diffuse models with 800mm, 500mm or 300mm range. 360 visible LEDs protrude above the top of the sensor giving users visibility from the top and all sides.

It has LEDs to indicate Power On and Output Conducting; they also flash to warn of problems, including marginal excess gain or output overload. The unit operates from 10 to 30V dc, and includes reverse polarity and transient voltage protection.

It is rated IEC IP67 and NEMA 6. Users can choose models with a 2m conductor PVC cable, a 9m PVC cable, or a 15cm pigtail, 4-pin Pico or Euro style quick disconnect. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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