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Microprocessor programmable ultrasonic sensor

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article image S18U compact ultrasonic sensor.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced new S18U Series compact ultrasonic sensors featuring an advanced microprocessor design, push-button programming and bright diagnostic status LEDs located directly on the sensor housing.

"Users are looking for two things in a compact ultrasonic sensor: quick set ups and consistent sensor-to-sensor performance,” Banner product director Mike Dean said.

“With its micro-based electronics and push-button programming, the S18U sets up in seconds.

“Additionally, each S18U's ultrasonic beam is individually adjusted at the factory to reduce the effects of transducer variation resulting in high repeatable accuracy and very predictable switchpoints."

Designed for high accuracy at programmable ranges from 30mm up to 300mm, the S18U provides reliable sensing of opaque or translucent objects and is not affected by colour - making it suitable for applications involving clear web detection or shiny object detection.

Another significant feature of the S18U is programmable background suppression that allows for detection of an object within a distinct sensing field while ignoring objects beyond the far set point.

User defined programming of the sensor's analogue or discrete outputs (dependent on model) offers the ultimate flexibility for adapting the sensor to the widest variety of unique sensing applications.

A unique temperature compensation feature allows the sensor to self-correct for speed of sound changes due to temperature shifts in the sensing environment while maintaining the highest sensing accuracy.

Available in a straight or right-angle housing, the compact 18mm barrel design offers a multitude of versatile mounting options.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic with a completely sealed, leakproof design rated IEC IP67 and NEMA 6P, the tough and tiny sensors tolerate vibration, mechanical shock and washdown.

Internal circuitry guards against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload, and short circuit of outputs.

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