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Microprocessor-controlled luminescence sensors

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BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced its new QL Series of powerful microprocessor-controlled luminescence sensors.

Consisting of the QL50 and QL55, these self-contained sensors utilise a modulated ultraviolet LED to scan for luminescence in materials, and are not affected by colour or contrast shifts that can challenge traditional optical sensors.

The QL Series sensors detect luminescence that is inherent in a material or it can sense luminophores that have been added to a material in process to make it luminescent.

"Luminescence sensors are ideal for applications requiring the detection of colour marks, clear adhesive labels, tamper-evident seals, oil or grease and fluorescent product markings where the background color may vary causing a contrast change that would confuse or fool other sensing methods," said Joe Dolinsky, technical manager for Banner's photoelectric products.

Both models feature simple push-button programming. The QL50 may be programmed two ways.

A Quick-SET mode where the sensor is taught to detect the specific luminescence intensity of a target and ignore the less-intense background, and a Fine-Detect mode that increases the unit's sensing precision to detect the specific luminescence intensity of a target and ignore all other surfaces with more or less luminescence.

The QL55 features a robust metal housing, enhanced sensitivity and two-step TEACH programming where the sensor is taught both the luminescent target and background conditions and automatically selects light operate or dark operate.

Both models feature a fast 250 microsecond response time and two bright LEDs to indicate operating and output status. The QL50 has an active sensing range of 0mm to 40mm with maximum signal at 10mm. The QL55 features sensing ranges from 9mm to 75mm depending on model.

A compact housing size and 3-position rotating quick-disconnect cable add to the mounting flexibility of these sensors.

The QL50 offers NPN or PNP discrete outputs by model. The QL55 features switch-selectable NPN and PNP discrete outputs plus a 0 to 5.5V dc analogue output and an output OFF-delay option that extends the duration of the sensor's output by 20 milliseconds.

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