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Micromax releases new configuration software

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Turck has announced new configuration software for its recently introduced BL ident RFID system.

The free software aids in RFID equipment selection by quickly simulating an application’s parameters and values.

Implementing RFID requires knowing the speed and proximity required in order for products to successfully pass the read/write heads, among other factors.

Also, variables like data quantity, speed and distance impact equipment selection based on the specific application.

General information, such as recommended read/write intervals or transfer rate, is typically insufficient when identifying the appropriate materials for a system.

Turck’s configuration software helps define this information and simulates an entire application’s RFID requirements simply and easily.

The configuration software utilises the entire Turck product database for up-to-date data, while generating the corresponding product data sheets and documentation.

Standard function blocks are available for system integration into the various bus and control environments, such as PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet and DeviceNet.

The new software is available from Micromax.

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