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Micromax radar sensors for diverse vehicle detection challenges

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article image the Banner R-GAGE QT50R radar sensor

Micromax  Sensors & Automation have added a retroreflective model to Banner Engineering's industry-pioneering line of R-GAGE QT50R radar sensors. They can solve more diverse and complex vehicle detection applications.

"Magnetic sensors may be affected by the electric current of trains, while ultrasonic sensors are susceptible to the interference caused by the wind of passing trains—which can 'blow away' the sensor's return signal," said Ashley Wise, development engineer for Banner Engineering.

The QT50R adjustable-field radar sensors emit a beam of high frequency radio waves from an internal antenna. This processes the signal reflected back to the receiving antenna. The sensor is designed to detect objects located within a user-defined distance. It ignores objects and any background beyond the setpoint.

Applications of the QT50R adjustable-field radar sensors:

  • Detection of vehicles on roads and near intersections
  • Car counting for parking ramps, gates and drive-throughs
  • Subway and light rail logistics
  • Boat detection for locks and dams
  • Proximity detection for large shipyard cranes and cargo
The QT50R retroreflective model complements the adjustable-field model by effectively sensing stationary targets with poor or no radar reflection through the use of a reference signal, or retro-target.

Applications of the retroreflective model sensors:

  • Tollbooths
  • Truck trailer detection at loading docks
  • Gate control
  • Parking ramps
  • Train detection and shipyard logistics
Output properties and sensing fields can be configured with simple DIP switches. Retro-target TEACH-IN is performed via remote TEACH. Both radar sensors are also available in cabled or M12 quick-disconnect models.

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