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Micromax launches PLC safety controllers

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article image SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller

Micromax introduces the SC26-2 programmable safety controller from Banner Engineering designed with greater flexibility and ease of use.

Offering PLC-level capability and control without the programming complexity and steep learning curve of traditional PLCs, the new SC26-2 programmable safety controller is more flexible and easier to use than other small footprint safety controllers. The SC26-2 uses safety function blocks, Boolean logic functions and a user-friendly programming environment for creating safety control logic.

Featuring 26 input terminals and two redundant solid state safety outputs, the SC26-2 programmable safety controller enables safety system design engineers to easily monitor a variety of input devices, such as e-stop buttons, rope pulls, interlock switches, safety light curtains and other safety and non-safety input devices. The controller’s free PC Graphical User Interface configuration software features pre-configured safety function blocks, including two-hand control, muting and enabling device to simplify application programming.

Tom McMonagle, Director of New Product Planning, Banner Engineering comments that the SC26-2 programmable safety controller offers eight input terminals that can be configured to monitor input device signals, source 24V dc or serve as IO status outputs, providing exceptional utility. He adds that the SC26-2’s intuitive programming and live display capability suit the needs of customers who are working with fewer resources and need to save time.

The SC26-2 programmable safety controllers are also available with an optional LCD displaying IO status and actionable diagnostics such as input fault information and device wiring details to assist users during commissioning and allowing faster troubleshooting to minimise machine downtime.

Ethernet models are also available, featuring an embedded Ethernet node that provides up to 64 virtual status outputs. For larger scale applications, Banner can offer expandable models in the future, which will allow users to add up to eight additional IO modules.

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