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Micromax introduces Banner Engineering EZ-ARRAY measuring array sensors with IO-Link

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article image A-GAGE EZ-ARRAY Sensors with IO-Link

Micromax presents A-GAGE EZ-ARRAY two-piece measuring light curtains with IO-Link output, the newest addition to the company's line of measuring array sensors.

The new EZ-ARRAY sensors from Banner Engineering provide a cost-effective measuring sensor solution designed for quick and simple installation with the sophistication to handle tough sensing applications.

The measuring array sensors offer superior performance in high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection as well as profiling and web-guiding applications such as package and baggage sizing on material handling conveyors, profiling/positioning of packages or material in process, web edge guiding, log diameter measurement and carpet to nap edge detection among others.

According to Dean Tyo, Chief Engineer for Vision, Measurement and Instrumentation at Banner Engineering, the introduction of the IO-Link in the sensors allows for full configuration of the EZ-ARRAY operating parameters and beam status monitoring.

He adds that the EZ-ARRAY configuration and measurement data can be communicated to a host controller on the field bus network when connected to an IO-Link Master, allowing for convenient reporting of measurement values.

Key features of EZ-ARRAY measuring array sensors: 

  • 6-position DIP switch for setting scan mode, measurement modes, analogue slope and a discrete output 2 option for complementary measurement or alarm operation 
  • Excellent 4-metre range with 5mm beam spacing 
  • Capable of a 5mm minimum object detection or 2.5mm edge resolution depending on the scanning method 
  • Remote teach wire option for alignment, inverted display and DIP switch disable also included 
  • Complete configuration, alignment assistance and process monitoring tools are available through PC based software tools 
  • Software interfaces available for advanced sensor setup functions 
  • MODBUS-RTU equipped models use Banner’s Sensors user interface, a free software package to interact with the EZ-ARRAY 
  • IO-Link equipped models use PACTware, a complimentary IO-Link software package available from TURCK to interact with the EZ-ARRAY

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