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Micromax announces the new Unitronics Vision560 OPLC

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Micromax  Sensors & Automation has announced the release of the Unitronics Vision560 OPLC, which combines 1,024 I/O options with data logging and built-in recipe capability - all while maintaining a low budget, minimum wiring and reduced programming time.

With a housing similar to that of the Vision280 model, the Vision560 OPLC is capable of 24 auto-tuned PID loops to control level, pressure and temperature, while the 320x240 resolution color touch screen displays data, colour trend graphs, and attention-grabbing alarm screens.

The memory of the Vision560 OPLC holds 2MB of application logic, plus 1MB for fonts and 6MB for images. Memory features of these controllers include SD card memory storage for log, backup, clone and more.

The Vision560 OPLC scans 1K of a typical application in 9 µsec, making it an ideal solution for "rapid response" applications such as packaging machines.

Communication options for the Vision560 OPLC include:

  • TCP/IP Ethernet
  • cellular; and
  • industrial protocols such as MODBUS and CANopen.
Addition, the Vision560 OPLC can be "taught" to communicate via almost any device-based protocol.

As with other members of the Vision series, Vision560 controllers support high-speed, digital, and analog I/Os, plus direct temperature measurement inputs via snap-in I/O.

Unitronics' complimentary VisiLogic software provides one user-friendly environment for hardware configuration, modular Ladder application development, and HMI design, including a rich colour library of industrial images.

The Vision560 OPLC reduces overall system costs by minimising hardware requirements, saving cabinet space, cutting programming time, and above all, exempting the user from setting up Panel-PLC communication.

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