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Micromax announces Banner Engineering’s 2008-2009 Sensor Products Catalogue

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article image Micromax - Banner Engineering’s 2008-2009 Sensor Products Catalogue

Micromax  has announced that Banner Engineering has released its 2008-2009 Sensor Products Catalogue.

Banner Engineering’s 2008-2009 Sensor Products Catalogue delivers new sensing products and applications in an improved design. The full-colour catalogue showcases Banner Engineering’s extensive industrial product line, which includes photoelectric and special-purpose sensors as well as measurement and inspection sensors.

Highlights include the expanded variety of vision sensors and lighting accessories and the new offerings from Banner Engineering’s two new product divisions, Wireless Networks and EZ-LIGHT Indicators.

The catalogue’s multiple navigation options significantly improve its usability. Choose a sensor solution with the comprehensive selection guide that compares and contrasts sensor features. Browse the what’s new section for the new innovations from the sensor experts. Quickly find the right section using colour-coded side tabs in combination with the table of contents.

High-quality application illustrations show Banner sensing products solving industrial automation problems, and page references within these applications help users find the featured product. Scattered throughout are thousands of more info online icons that directly link users with expanded and updated information on Banner Engineering’s website.

Featured within the seven product sections are two sections showcasing Banner Engineering’s SureCross Wireless Networks and EZ-LIGHT indicators.

An expanded and improved Machine Vision section includes the following new products:

  • IP68-rated PresencePLUS Pro cameras in nickel-plated aluminium or stainless steel
  • PresencePLUS Pro—PROII controller with expanded toolset
  • Two-piece PresencePLUS Pro COLOR and one-piece P4 COLOR OMNI vision sensors
  • High-intensity ring and area lights, IP68-rated stainless steel linear array lights, on-axis lights and low-angle lights

Other new product highlights include WORLD-BEAM Q20 compact sensors, M12 miniature 12 mm barrel sensors, R-GAGE QT50R radar sensors, EZ-ARRAY measuring light screens, and further expansions to the flagship families of WORLD-BEAM Q12, QS18 and QS30.

In addition, the 2008-2009 Sensor Products Catalogue includes over 20 newly organised pages of accessories. These include new mounting brackets, quick-disconnect cables, mounting systems, retroreflectors, power supplies and enclosures. This section is a detailed resource of all sensor accessories in one easy-to-use section.

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