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Micromax Introduces Honeywell XYR6000 Wireless Position Sensors for Remote Monitoring

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article image Honeywell XYR6000 Wireless Position Sensor

Micromax  Sensors & Automation introduces the XYR6000 wireless position sensors by Honeywell, based on one of the company's most-proven sensor technologies.

Suitable for monitoring applications in hazardous areas and remote locations, the wireless technology eliminates the need for communications cabling or power line installation, saving time and money.

The XYR6000 wireless position sensors help improve overall reliability by enabling users to remotely monitor a number of applications ranging from valve position to safety shower emergency use.

Originally introduced by Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) in June 2009, the XYR6000's broad potential is now being offered by Honeywell Sensing and Control to targeted OEM customers.

Key features of XYR6000 wireless position sensors: 

  • Based on the MICRO SWITCH CX hazardous area switch
  • Monitors position when used in conjunction with OneWireless systems, sending the signal from remote or potentially hazardous areas
  • Carries appropriate hazardous location certifications such as UL, ATEX and IEC Ex approvals
  • Calibration within 270 degrees rotation to apply in most linear and/or rotary position sensing applications
  • Analogue output provides true position span output in both percentages and degrees
  • Eliminates manual monitoring
  • Sensor's accuracy improves safety by identifying linear or rotary valve positions, minimising the risk of unwanted fluid release or unplanned product contamination
  • Sensor can serve as an emergency response trigger when used for safety shower notification
  • Simplifies maintenance by electronically tagging each valve in the system to identify valves that have degraded or been damaged, reducing the need for manual valve inspection for maintenance

Key monitoring applications: 

  • Valve position status
  • Manual process valve position
  • Safety shower and eye bath notification
  • Tank overflow alarms
  • Damper and louver position
  • Date/door position
  • Applications where installing wires is inefficient, cost-prohibitive or simply unsafe

Micromax Sensors & Automation has been providing high technology electronic products and automation solutions to Australian industry for more than 45 years.

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