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Micromax Introduces Banner’s WLS28 Low Profile Work Light Strips for Work Cells and Enclosures

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A new line of work light strips by Banner Engineering is now available from Micromax Sensors & Automation.  

Micromax introduces the WLS28 work light strips, a new range of low profile, energy-efficient lighting solutions designed specifically for industrial control cabinets and work cells.  

The low power consumption makes these LED lights highly cost-effective in any environment.  

WLS28 work light strips are solid-state LED work lights designed to provide bright, long-lasting illumination inside enclosures and other areas with poor lighting conditions.  

Encased in a robust yet slender aluminium housing, the WLS28 work light strips have a minimal footprint, making them suitable for space-constrained areas.  

The LED work lights deliver a uniform pattern of light without creating any shadows, allowing operators to monitor, service or modify equipment in poorly-lit areas.  

WLS28 work light strips are available in various lengths from 145mm to 1130mm with a common narrow width of 28mm.  

Key features of WLS28 work light strips 

  • Low power consumption at less than 9 watts per foot, delivering a highly efficient and cost-effective lighting solution
  • Typical lifetime of the LEDs is 50,000 hours of continuous operation with minimal degradation of intensity
  • Can be cascaded end-to-end for applications where multiple lights are required, minimising wiring and reducing costs
  • Swivel mounting brackets increase installation flexibility, allowing users to pivot the light 45º in either direction
  • Available in cabled and quick-disconnect models as well as standalone and cascadable units
  • High-efficiency, solid-state LED array for bright, long-lasting illumination
  • Rugged aluminium housing withstands busy manufacturing environments
  • Unobtrusive, low-profile design consumes minimal space
  • Even pattern of light illuminates large areas without shadows

Micromax Sensors & Automation has been providing high technology electronic products and automation solutions to Australian industry for more than 45 years.

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