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Metal fixed-distance slot sensors

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article image Reliable opposed-mode sensing.

BANNER Engineering has announced its SLM Series metal slot sensors that sense objects that pass between its fixed-distance opposed-mode emitter and receiver.

Available through Micromax in six slot widths, all models have a rugged metal housing and a fast response time of 500 microseconds, making them ideal for high-speed counting, edge detecting, position verifying and level monitoring applications.

The fixed slot width provides reliable opposed-mode sensing of objects as small as 0.30 mm. The available slot widths are 10, 30, 50, 80, 120 and 220mm.

"The U-shaped metal housing of the SLM sensor makes it versatile, durable and easy to use," explained Jeff Curtis, senior application engineer for Banner Engineering.

"There's no need to align opposed-mode emitter and receivers. The SLM emitter and receiver are in fixed arms of the housing. You just install it, using the molded-in beam guides and integral mounting holes."

The SLM is available in a range of sizes, making it an ideal alternative to existing fibre and difficult-to-mount opposed-mode sensors.

The SLM Series sensors enable users to accurately detect small objects at incredibly fast throughput speeds. The sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications in the printing, pharmaceutical, packaging, material handling and automotive industries. Examples include the following:

* Sense parts on conveyor rails and belts.

* Detect object edges or protruding features.

* Verify position, orientation and dimensions of components.

* Monitor container fill levels.

* Count gear teeth.

Several features of the SLM Series sensor make it easy to use:

* Available in six slot widths from 10 to 220 mm for easy installation.

* Delivers a fast response time of 500 microseconds.

* Includes single-turn potentiometer sensitivity adjustment and visible red beam.

* Installs easily using molded-in beam guides that simplify beam placement.

* Offers light or dark operate, using a sealed switch.

* Features sealed, die-cast metal housing rated IEC IP67, NEMA 6.

* Includes 2m or 9m attached cable, 4-pin Euro-style QD or 3-pin Pico-style QD.

SLM Series sensors operate on 10 to 30V dc and are available with current sourcing (PNP), current sinking (NPN), or bipolar (one NPN and one PNP) output, depending on the model.

Bicolor indicator lights provide ongoing operating status of the sensor.

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