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Low-profile miniature sensor

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article image VS4 Series self-contained miniature sensors.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced the new VS4 Series opposed-mode self-contained miniature sensors.

Designed for precision sensing in tight confines, the VS4's horizontal mounting capability and extremely small size make it ideal for applications previously only accessible by remote or fibre optic models.

Despite their tiny size, these self-contained sensors utilise a unique optically correct lens which, through a periscope-like concept, redirects the visible red sensing beam 90 degrees off the internal circuit board, sending light out the narrow side of the sensor.

This provides a powerful one metre sensing range and easy alignment for machine mounting.

The VS4's unique overmoulded housing eliminates traditional weld seals thus completely coating and sealing the inner components and cable entries of the sensor from contamination by dirt or moisture.

At the same time, this technique yields an extremely thin sensor at just 4.75mm thick by 25mm high and 12.2mm wide. Inside the tiny housing, the VS4's advanced circuitry delivers powerful, precision sensing performance and the entire electronic assembly is shielded from noise through a special metalized coating process.

Designed for presence sensing inside machinery such as electronic component handling equipment, miniature conveyor transportation mechanisms and document handling equipment, the VS4 also may be used to perform simple inspections for high caps, open box flaps or skewed material.

LED indicators on the sensors provide constant operating status information. The steady green LED indicates Power ON; it flashes to indicate output overload. The yellow LED indicates Output On; it flashes to indicate marginal excess gain sensing conditions.

The 10 to 30V dc VS4 Series opposed-mode sensors have a maximum output rating of 50 milliamps. Models are available for light operate (NO) or dark operate (NC), with a choice of NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current sourcing) outputs.

The tough and tiny sensors tolerate vibration, mechanical shock, and washdown. Internal circuitry guards against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload, and short circuit of outputs.

Constructed of durable black thermoplastic with polycarbonate mounting holes and lenses, VS4 sensors meet IEC IP67 and NEMA 6 standards and operate in temperatures of -20°C to +55°C.

The sensors are available with an integral 2m cable, or a 3-pin pigtail Pico-style quick-disconnect fitting.

All models include M2 stainless steel mounting hardware for easy installation. Optional beam shaping apertures are also available. The VS4 sensor is a high quality, low-cost replacement for remote and fibre optic devices.

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