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Low profile junction boxes

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article image The M12 junction boxes.

TURCK Inc’s new low profile M12 eurofast junction boxes provide efficiency and versatility for quick-disconnect wiring consolidation.

Available from Micromax Pty Ltd , these compact junction boxes are offered in 4- or 8-port with single or dual output.

They require less space, offer multiple home run connector and integral cable options to provide easy and cost efficient wiring consolidation.

PVC, PUR and TPE cable jackets provide flexibility for use in numerous environmental conditions and home run connectors can be mounted on the top or side of the housing.

Integral cables with a 12-pin, 1 1/8-16UN minifast connector are also available for single output junction boxes.

The junction boxes operating current is 2A per port and 10A total, with an operating voltage of 10 to 48Vdc.

The fully-encapsulated nylon housing with LEDs provides an IP 67 protection rating when all receptacles are connected or covered with plugs.

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