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Long range distance-gauging sensor

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article image The LT3 distance-gauging sensor.

BANNER Engineering has introduced the L-GAGE LT3 time-of-flight sensor — a self-contained, Class 2 laser distance-gauging device that can precisely measure the distance to an object at long ranges up to 50m.

Utilising ‘time-of-flight’ technology, the LT3 precisely times the travel of its laser beam from the sensor to the target and back to the sensor.

It pulses one million times a second, and its microprocessor averages 1,000 pulses every 0.001 second to provide extremely precise measurement data.

The LT3 sensor provides exceptional sensing ranges of 0.3 to 3m for grey targets; 0.3 to 5m for white targets. A retroreflective model is available for applications that require more sensing range, up to 50m.

In addition, the LT3 has an extraordinary measurement resolution of 1mm depending on response speed.

The LT3 features a modulated visible red sensing beam, and both a discrete (switched) output, and an analog output, or both simultaneously, with independently programmed window limits.

A patented scalable analog output distributes the analog signal evenly over the width of the programmed sensing window to optimize sensing performance.

Push-button programming simplifies LT3 configuration. In TEACH mode, with a single push button, users can program a unique sensing window size and position, or a unique set-point threshold centered within a 1m window.

Output response speed is programmable to 1, 10, or 100 milliseconds. The LT3 analog output provides a variable signal (4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V dc, depending on model) that is proportional to the target's position within the user-programmed analog window limits.

The discrete (switched) output energises whenever the target is located between the user-programmed discrete window limits. Window limits for the analog and discrete outputs may be the same, or they may be programmed independently.

The analog output slope can be positive or negative, depending on which window limit is programmed first. The LT3 can be programmed from a remote location for added security, and it includes a remote lockout feature that prevents tampering.

The LT3 conserves production space and decreases setup time bv eliminatina the need for a separate controller. The compact, self-contained device measures just 68.5mm high, by 35.3mm wide, by 86.2mm deep, allowing it to fit and function in small spaces.

The new sensor features an advanced diagnostic indication system that keeps users constantly informed of operating status.

Output configurations for the 12 to 24V dc LT3 include a solid-state switch with a choice of NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) discrete outputs; plus a 4-20 mA (current sourcing), or a 0-10V dc (voltage sourcing) analog output.

Internal circuitry protects the LT3 from reverse polarity and transient voltages. The sensor features a durable housing molded from ABS/polycarbonate blend with an acrylic lens.

It is rated IP67 and NEMA 6, and has an operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F).

It is available with a 2m or a 9m, 7-conductor shielded, PVC-jacketed attached cable; or an 8-pin Euro-style swivel quick-disconnect fitting. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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