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Interface relays offer flexible I/O solutions

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article image Releco Interfacer relay -- greater flexibility.

TURCK, represented by Micromax , has announced the Releco Interfacer, an all-new interfacing solution for linking PC or PLC logic to machine action.

These new interface relays have numerous advantages over conventional block, modular terminal strip or socket I/O products that offer little flexibility when users need to change a relay, and require hours of wiring and assembly downtime if a relay block fails or when voltage requirements change.

Releco Interfacer relays were designed to achieve superior reliability and greater flexibility in industrial applications.

These universal relays are both ac and dc in the same unit with a built-in surge suppressor, eliminating the need to specify separate units for ac and dc applications plus an additional suppressor component.

Dedicated ac or dc units are also available.

Especially-significant, the Interfacer uses heavy-duty, plug-in industrial-grade relays with rugged, bladed terminals that won’t easily bend or break, versus most existing solutions that use fragile, adapted printed circuit board relays with easily bent or breakable pins not suitable for industrial use.

A single, universal-polarity relay socket satisfies every voltage requirement, from 12V dc to 230V ac. Users can now inventory a single socket for every interfacing application in their plant, versus modular terminal strips that require the user to purchase and wire a separate terminal strip and relay for every voltage requirement.

In addition to convenience benefits, the electrical labor savings are quite significant because relay sockets donOt need to be reinstalled and rewired every time application voltage requirements or desired relay features change.

Because the Interfacer is a modular solution with a universal socket, both input and output relays with various voltages can be positioned on a DIN rail next to each other and replaced individually versus block I/O that requires the user to purchase a complete single-voltage, block of 8, 16, or 32 input or output relays that offers no flexibility and requires complete replacement and rewiring of every input and output terminal when it fails or voltage requirements change.

The Interfacer socket also includes a unique, integrated and insulated jumper system to connect any number of terminals versus external "hot" jumpers that risk electrical shorts and personnel shock.

Testing of Interfacer relays is much easier that other systems thanks to a unique button that is simply pushed to momentarily activate the relay output. It can also simply be lifted up to lock the relay in the "on" position for testing. Test buttons are colour-coded by relay coil voltage for easy identification.

Other features allow easier operation and maintenance, and promote much more organised and efficient control systems. Dual status indicators give the user both an LED pilot light and a mechanical flag to indicate relay output at a glance.

All socket wiring is accomplished at a single level versus more-cumbersome multi-level, stepped systems. An integrated hold-down clip prevents relays from vibrating out of their sockets.

Superior marking and labeling systems built into the Interfacer avoid the common problem of the user not knowing the relay electrical configuration, voltage, function or correct wiring.

The coil voltage is clearly marked on the top of each relay and the wiring specifications are printed on the side of each relay. Each relay socket connection features easy-to-read, dual terminal numbering for faster, easier wiring.

This wiring scheme meets all international standards. Permanent, integrated, snap-in labels cleanly identify the function of each relay and each socket in the control scheme.

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