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Hinge-style safety interlock switches

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BANNER Engineering has announced new hinge-style safety interlock switches. Available from Micromax , these unique safety switches are integrated and encapsulated into a load-bearing hinge to provide a high degree of protection from tampering.

All switch components are concealed inside the hinge to prevent access and to provide exceptional protection from mechanical impact and washdown.

Applications include hinged machine covers, doors, gates, and safety fencing systems.

The inherent physical protection provided by the new switches gives them superior performance to actuator-operated safety switches, achieving a rating of IEC IP67.

The hinge-style switch can support an axial load of 750N and more than 1,000N in radial direction.

The switches also provide exceptional safety protection, featuring positive-opening safety contacts (IEC 60947-5-1). Category 4 protection can be achieved by utilising two switches properly interfaced with an appropriate controller (or a lower safety category using one hinge-style switch and controller).

Banner hinge-style safety switches are similar in appearance to standard door hinges to fit existing applications and provide a clean, aesthetically-pleasing appearance without being obtrusive.

They feature a full 180° range of travel, and the switching point can be permanently set anywhere in this range of travel.

After the switch point has been set, the actuation of the safety contact is ±3° of hinge movement, allowing these switches to be used on unique cover and door designs while still providing very accurate switching.

The new switches are easy to install and are connected using an integrated 4-pin micro-style, quck-disconnect fitting. They have an environmental rating of NEMA 4 and IEC IP67.

They have a maximum switching speed of 20 operations per minute and a mechanical life of one million operations.

Operating temperature is -25° to +70°C. An identical non-safety hinge is also available to match the hinge-style switch.

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