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article image HT Series actuator -- rated for six million welds.

TOL-O-MATIC, represented by Micromax , has announced a new line of high thrust, servo actuators designed for longer life and no-maintenance performance in scissor, pinch or C-style welding guns.

The compact HT Series Actuators feature integrated motors, actuators and feedback for decreased weight and footprint.

Suitable for easy replacement/retrofitting in fixture or robotic pneumatic guns, Tol-O-Matic's HT Series actuators feature large dynamic thrust capabilities and are rated for six million welds at up to 2,300lbs.

The factory lubricated and sealed HT Series offers advanced design features that not only reduce contamination and maintenance concerns, but also promote the longest possible operating life.

The HT Series has been rigorously tested in scissor guns as well as fixture tests that produced side loading.

Unique bearings on the nose and the nut-thrust tube coupler isolate radial loading that is usually transmitted to the screw/nut and provide anti-rotation.

Based on Tol-O-Matics rod screw actuator platform, the patent pending HT Series actuators are available in three sizes rated for 700, 1200 and 2300 pounds of thrust in custom stroke lengths.

The HT Series actuator can be used with Tol-O-Matic's Axiom Plus controller/PLC/drive or robots integral drive, providing excellent thrust control and repeatability.

The HT Series actuators are designed to dimensions and weight capacities similar to their pneumatic counterparts. The actuators accommodate mounting within most existing configurations and feature rotatable MS style electrical connectors and over temperature protection.

HT Series actuators come standard with 1000 line incremental encoder but can be easily adapted to use most encoders or resolvers.

No water or forced cooling is required for most weld schedules, and the HT Series further reduces utility costs by eliminating the air supply required by pneumatic actuators.

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