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article image Precise, long range sensing.

BANNER Engineering, represented by Micromax , has announced new World-Beam QS30 Series retro-reflective laser sensors. The LLP models feature an extremely small, tightly collimated laser sensing beam of 4mm or less, allowing for precise sensing at ranges up to 18m.

The LLPC models offer superior small object detection where the target can actually be smaller than the sensing beam itself.

Both sensors feature a visible Class 1 laser and superb optical performance for the highest sensing power and accuracy, two discrete outputs, and an easy-to-read 8-segment LED bargraph display for status during setup and operation.

"While the LLP and LLPC models share many of the same physical and component characteristics, they represent two totally unique sensing techniques-each with a very specific function," said Joe Dolinsky, technical manager for Banner's photoelectric products.

"The LLP, with its tightly focused laser spot and maximum excess gain feature, provides a powerful, precise long-range sensing solution that is not easily fooled by diffuse or shiny objects and operates with exceptional reliability even in dirty environments.

“It is ideal for long-range precise object detection such as box alignment on a conveyor, or overheight detection.

“The LLPC features excellent low-contrast fine sensing capabilities for reliable detection in traditionally challenging sensing applications involving small or clear objects.

“It is ideal for detection of wafers and LCD glass, or thread and wire breaks on knitting machines," he added.

Setup is fast and easy for both sensor models with push-button programming and an advanced microprocessor design.

Both units may be manually SET using the integrated push buttons or via a remote cable that can also be used to disable the push buttons to prevent undesired tampering.

The 10 to 30V dc World-Beam QS30 sensors have a maximum output rating of 150mA for each of their outputs.

The outputs can be set for light operate (N.C.) or dark operate (N.O.), and feature a bipolar configuration with one NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing) outputs.

Both units feature a tough ABS/polycarbonate blend housing that meets IEC IP67 and NEMA 6 standards and operates in temperatures of -10ºC to +50ºC. The sensors are available with a 2m PVC cable, 9m PVC cable, or 5-pin integral Euro-style quick-disconnect cable.

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