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Heavy-duty rope pull safety switches

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article image By connecting to cables, these switches provide multiple-location emergency shutdown capabilities.

BANNER has introduced heavy-duty rope pull emergency stop safety switches, available in Australia from Micromax . They are activated by pulling on a cable attached to the switch actuator.

They are ideal for use along conveyor lines or around the perimeter of large manufacturing machines, such as web process lines, robotic work cells, and roll-forming equipment.

Rope pull safety switches save critical time in emergencies by providing a means of shutting down the machinery at any point along the cable's length.

Especially important, these switches feature positive-opening safety contacts that are not dependent on mechanical springs to activate, per IEC 60947-5-1 requirements.

They feature a latching output where they hold their stop contacts open after the cable is pulled and released, requiring users to push a reset button on the switch before the machine can restart.

Any cable breakage will also activate the safety switch, or if tension on the cable is reduced from normal. The switches also feature extra contacts for monitoring or to provide dual-channel input to a safety device.

The switches are extremely rugged and easy to install. They are housed in heavy-duty, glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic and can accommodate cables measuring up to 75m, providing an economical alternative to wiring numerous emergency stop buttons along the entire length of a machine.

The innovative design provides quick easy rope tensioning with an indicator mark on the switch to indicate the proper cable tension.

They withstand harsh environments and have an estimated mechanical life of one million operations. They are UL approved, CSA certified, and rated IP67/NEMA 4.

The switches are available in two models, a standard model and one with a built-in E-stop button to actuate at the switch as well as with the cable.

They feature a 42mm wide, limit-switch-style housing design and are available in two styles for attaching the cable, a standard eyebolt, or a model with internal turnbuckle and clamp to tension the cable.

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