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article image PresencePLUS Pro captures images and analyses them

BANNER Engineering has announced PresencePLUS Pro, a new camera-based visual inspection sensor.

This new sensor, available from Micromax , transforms costly, complex machine vision systems into a simple, easy-to-use and affordable sensor.

Like larger, more complex and expensive systems, PresencePLUS Pro captures images and analyses them using one or more vision tools to generate judgement results.

Simple, straightforward programming makes the PresencePLUS Pro easy to install and operate.

Even with minimal knowledge of vision systems, an inspection that correctly tests and rejects bad parts on a production line can be quickly set up.

PresencePLUS Pro is set up using a remote PC, and after set up, inspections are stored in the system without the need for the PC. PresencePLUS Pro performs multiple inspections simultaneously and inspects for both translational and rotational variation.

Parts moving down a production line or web are accurately inspected without the need to be orientated in exactly the same way in the camera's field of view.

PresencePLUS Pro offers point-and click automatic TEACH or custom setup. An inspection is set up by simply illuminating the target, focusing the camera and selecting the appropriate analysis tools. The full range of inspection tolerances can be set up automatically or manually.

Banner's TEACH system is a self-setting system with easy-to-use programming for basic and advanced inspections. New users can follow the guided setup sequence, while advanced users can override automatic settings and create highly customized inspections.

PresencePLUS Pro offers both Ethernet and flexible I/O in the same full-featured sensor. Communicating both over the Ethernet or standard serial protocols, the sensor's pluggable terminal block accommodates configurable inputs (NPN/PNP), configurable outputs (NPN/PNP) and allows stored inspections to be selected.

In addition, PresencePLUS Pro offers the ability to communicate data, measurements, and information for system process control over the Ethernet via TCP/IP and/or serially with an ASCII string.

This communication function provides the user with measurement and system monitoring capabilities.

PresencePLUS Pro inspection tools include two locational tools: one is the "locate" tool which determines translation and rotation by detecting relative movement of edges; the "pattern find" tool determines translation and rotation by detecting relative movement of a pattern.

Five categories of vision tools are also included. Two additional analysis tools measure or evaluate the results of the vision tools.

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