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Focused-beam sensing fibres

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article image Detecting minute targets.

BANNER Engineering has announced new focused beam sensing fibres that detect minute targets. They allow users to "pipe" light into otherwise inaccessible locations.

Unlike most diffuse mode sensing fibres, which have a relatively wide beam divergence, these new fibres utilise special convergent lensing that focuses the beam to a very small spot.

While conventional fibres are unable to concentrate enough light on the sensing target, resulting in unstable detection, the new focused beam fibres overcome this problem, allowing Banner fibre optic sensors to achieve reliable and stable detection of small parts and product attributes.

Banner focused beam sensing fibres come in both fixed and adjustable sensing distance models. The L4C6 and L4C20 convergent lens attachments allow sensing at fixed focal distances of 6mm and 20mm, respectively, when used with a Banner bifurcated coaxial fibre.

Spot diameters as small as 0.25mm can be achieved with the L4C6 lens, allowing sensing of very tiny targets. The PLI-A10 fibre assembly converges emitted light at a user-adjustable distance from the miniature sensing tip by simply rotating and locking the fibre in the lens.

The spot diameter is adjustable from 0.5mm to 3.2mm. The focal distance of the PLI-A10 is 8mm to 32mm. For right angle sensing, the LZ3C8 attachment can be fitted to a Banner bifurcated coaxial fibre, giving the same adjustment range and spot sizes as the PLI-A10 by changing the insertion depth of the threaded fibre tip in the lens housing.

The new fibres can be used with a wide variety of Banner fibre optic sensor amplifiers, including the Mini-Beam, World-Beam, D11, D12, and new D10 Expert model with an advanced 16-bit microprocessor, 12-bit A/D resolution and ability to solve the most difficult low-contrast sensing applications. Micromax 1800 634 766.

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