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BANNER Engineering has released a new 28-page full-colour product brochure featuring its D10 Series fibre optic sensors. The D10 Series consists of three high-performance models that service a range of application demands.

Models include the D10 Expert with numeric display, D10 Expert with bargraph display and D10 discrete output. The D10 Expert models also feature intuitive push-button TEACH that allows static, dynamic or single-point programming.

The D10 Series brochure includes detailed model selection charts, dimension drawings, specifications, useful application examples and a variety of accessories.

The brochure also includes 13 pages of plastic fibre optics with detailed dimension drawings and range information for each sensor. The More Info Online icons throughout the brochure direct users to more information on the Banner website at www.bannerengineering.com.

D10 Expert with numeric display

* Numeric display of signal strength and operating status.

* Two discrete outputs in the same sensor; or one discrete output and either a 4-20 mA current or a 0-10V dc voltage analog output.

D10 Expert with bargraph display

* 8-segment light bar display for TEACH and signal strength indications.

* Bipolar discrete outputs: one current sourcing (PNP) and one current sinking (NPN).

D10 discrete output

* 14-turn manual sensitivity adjustment.

* Pulse-rate LED for signal strength indication.

* Bipolar discrete outputs: one current sourcing (PNP) and one current sinking (NPN).

Banner Engineering is represented in Australia by Micromax .

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