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Cylinder position sensor brochure

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TURCK, represented by Micromax , has announced a new cylinder position sensor solutions brochure. This is not just another brochure containing products, but an actual solutions guide to help customers find the best sensor to fit the application.

This brochure focuses on just two sensor styles that, combined, will fit onto most any pneumatic actuator or cylinder.

These two sensors, the INT and the INR styles, can be used on various types of cylinders by utilising TURCK's special mounting brackets - which means fewer part numbers to keep track of in inventory, and therefore reducing overall costs to the end customer.

There are many different cylinder types available to choose from: round, rod-less, tie-rod, even extruded styles with dovetail grooves.

These two particular sensors are also able to be mounted directly onto extruded cylinders with standard "T" grooves or round grooves and require no additional hardware.

These special sensors and mounting brackets are designed to be "dropped" down into the cylinder grooves from above, eliminating the requirement to slide the sensors in from the side of the cylinder.

There is no more dismantling of cylinders or removing of collars when installing sensors or adjusting their position, which makes it easier than ever before to mount sensors onto pneumatic cylinders.

This brochure provides a list of several pneumatic cylinder manufacturers, and includes part numbers and photos. This allows the customer to search for a sensor solution based on the brand and style of cylinder being used.

The brochure also includes the exact TURCK sensor part number and mounting bracket information required for use with that particular cylinder.

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