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article image Turck’s SmartPlug control component.

TURCK has introduced a new control component - the SmartPlug. Quickly plug new functionality to the sensors and solve control problems on existing installations and without re-programming the PLC.

By simply plugging SmartPlug into a sensor or switch, control functions such as timing, counting, output converting and speed monitoring can be added.

Approximately two inches in length, the SmartPlug is connected to quick disconnect style sensors between the cable and the sensor. Programming is done through a simple "teach" input device available from Turck.

SmartPlug is available in four functions - inverters, timer, counter and speed monitor, useful for any 3-wire dc devices.

The inverters convert a PNP (sourcing) input signal to NPN (sinking) or vice versa. It can also invert the function of the sensor from Normally Open to Normally Closed.

The timer style is programmable with a range of 1ms to 65 seconds On or Off-delay of the output and can also be used as a pulse stretcher.

The counter style is easily programmable to count pulses or intervals and produce a reliable output ranging 0 to 65535 in number.

The speed monitor is a programmable device for over or underspeed rotation monitoring with a frequency range of 0.015Hz to 1kHz.

After programming, the output is activated if the speed changes by 5 per cent.

SmartPlugs can be combined in series to provide multiple functions, such as a speed monitor with a time delay. All versions can be used as a switching amplifier, providing output currents up to 400mA.

From your toolbox to the application, SmartPlug is easy to install and program compared to more complex timers and counters and is an effective solution in tight spaces to previously installed sensors. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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