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Conduit adapter simplifies installation

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INTERLINKBT, represented by Micromax , has announced its new conduit adapter. This adapter attaches to a standard conduit body for transition to minifast or eurofast connectors.

The conduit adapter allows users to minimize point-to-point wiring in a fieldbus system and almost completely eliminates the need for troubleshooting.

The conduit adapter is an efficient drop from the trunk cable running in conduit. The trunk cable is terminated into the screw terminals of the conduit adapter for connection to either one or two devices.

The conduit adapter can be used to adapt from an industry-standard conduit body to plug-and-play connectorization. It supports AS-interface, DeviceNet, Ethernet, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, and Hart networks.

Designed for use in harsh environments, the conduit adapter includes a gasket and mounting hardware (8-32 x 1/2") for ease of installation.

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