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Compact indicator light shows sensor status

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article image Available in nickel-plated brass barrels.

BANNER Engineering Corp., represented in Australia by Micromax Pty Ltd , has introduced Ez-Light indicator lights for remotely indicating sensor status.

Designed for use when the placement or distance of a sensor limits its visibility, the Ez-Light offers a bright, easy-to-see, 2-colour indicator light that mimics the sensor's own indicators - providing clear, visual status of the sensor.

Compatible with all sensor types and brands, the Ez-Light integrates seamlessly into new and existing applications by connecting the sensor with a ‘Y’ splitter cable.

Features include:

* Works with all makes of photoelectric, proximity, ultrasonic and other sensors

* Ez-Lights are available in models with nickel-plated brass 18mm barrels or thermoplastic 18mm and 30mm T-style right-angle models

* 10-30V dc Ez-Light accepts NPN or PNP output directly from the sensor

* Green light indicates power on; yellow indicates output energised.

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