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Carrier board for GPS and modems

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article image The Diamond Systems PC/104 carrier board

MICROMAX has released the Diamond Systems' new PC/104 carrier board, Pyxis-MM. It provides a low-cost and compact solution for embedding a GPS receiver module, a wireless modem module and/or a landline modem module into a PC/104 embedded system.

When used with a landline modem module, it enables communications to remote equipment such as weather stations and oil & gas wells. Pyxis-MM can also be configured for stand-alone operation without a CPU for low-cost applications. In this mode, all that is required is the carrier board, the modules, and a power supply. Pyxis-MM includes all the necessary I/O circuitry to interface the selected modules onto the PC/104 bus, including serial ports and power supplies. The board runs on +5V and operates over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

When used with a GPS receiver and 2.4GHz worldwide license-free wireless modem modules, Pyxis-MM provides location identification and communications features for vehicle-based embedded systems around the world, such as vehicle tracking, navigation, and precision farming. The GPS receiver and wireless modem can be directly connected to each other. This allows the automatic real-time broadcast of GPS data to enable a base station to monitor the whereabouts of a vehicle. A backup power connector is provided to maintain GPS almanac and minimise time-to-first-fix

Austel/ACA approval has been granted for use of this board with two different plug-in landline modem modules, in both dial-up and leased-line modes. A number of OEM modules are compatible with Pyxis-MM.

The Multitech MT5634SMI and MT3334SMI modem modules are low-cost landline data/fax modems with worldwide approvals. They are available in multiple versions to fit almost any application. When used with the industrial temperature version of the MT5634SMI module, the Pyxis-MM constitutes the only Austel/ACA Approved PC/104 modem specified to run over the full industrial temperature range, in both dial-up and leased line modes.

The Netcomm IG1000 modem module is an Australian developed embedded module with V.92 capability, dial-up and leased line modes, DSP on board and with Class 1 & 2 fax.

The Trimble Lassen SKII GPS Module provides 8 channels of reception and communicates with the host CPU over either 1 or 2 RS-232 ports built onto the carrier board.

The Cirronet WIT2410M4 wireless modem provides frequency-hopping spread-spectrum operation for maximum performance in noisy environments. It utilises the 2.4GHz band for worldwide license-free operation.

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