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Banner Engineering’s fibre optic amplifier with world-leading response rate

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Micromax introduces the DF-G2 fibre optic amplifiers from Banner Engineering featuring a world-leading 10-microsecond response rate with 5-microsecond repeatability.

According to Dennis Smith, Technical Marketing Manager, Banner Engineering, the DF-G2 fibre optic amplifier offers best-in-class response speeds of 10µs or 15µs with only 5µs repeatability error, balancing response speed with precision for critical positioning applications.

He adds that the DF-G2 amplifier combines amazing speed with greatly increased sensing range to ensure efficient and reliable detection in diverse applications and industries.

Banner Engineering’s DF-G2 fibre optic amplifier comes with an easy-to-read dual digital display for highly visible signal level and threshold values. The intuitive interface of the DF-G2 allows simple set-up and programming through displays, and switches and buttons, or via remote input teach wire. Offering complete user control, the DF-G2 allows manipulation of all operating parameters, including switch point threshold, light operate or dark operate, various output timing functions, electronic gain level and sensor response speed.

Key features of DF-G2 fibre optic amplifiers also include six different expert TEACH and SET methods, enabling operators to achieve optimal gain and threshold selection for each application; thermally stable electronics helping to minimise warm-up drift and enabling multiple amplifiers to be mounted side-by-side, with no reduction in the ambient temperature limit; inherent thermal stability also providing cost-saving advantages by reducing machine start-up time and eliminating production delays due to ambient temperature changes; and intricate cross-talk avoidance algorithm allowing two fibre optic assemblies to be mounted in close proximity, sensing different features of the same target.

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