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GENNUM Corporation, represented by Micromax , has released a Bluetooth module targeted at the headset market and other associated computing and communication devices.

Gennum announced two GenBlue modules at the Bluetooth Developer Conference, both of which feature a Bluetooth 1.1 implementation with integrated RF, flash, and crystal within a compact form factor.

Both are miniature, low power class 2 modules, one of which, the GR2313 uses the BlueCore2 audio, which has an integrated audio CODEC for voice channel applications.

With a form factor of only 12mm x 8mm x 1.8mm, it is ideal for use in headsets for mobile phones, call centres and offices. The companion GR2312 module is a cost-effective Bluetooth implementation for PDAs, instrumentation and other handheld systems.

GenBlue modules are powered by CSR's BlueCore2 silicon, and both modules implement the full features of this device. The generous 8Mbits of on board flash memory allows maximum flexibility to run applications on the processor integrated into the CSR device, reducing or even eliminating the need for a host processor.

Gennum has integrated CSR's industry-leading silicon with its state of the art integrated thin film RF passive chip, high density interconnect and packaging technology, to provide a very compact and high performance solution.

Gennum's strength in audio processors, ultra low power CODECs and DSP-based digital filtering, originating from its hearing aid business, has also contributed to the design.

GenBlue modules are powered from a single 3V supply, and are packaged in a surface mount format compatible with the BGA packaging interface.

The GR2312 will sample in January, and the GR2313 will sample in the second quarter of 2003. Gennum will hold stock of both modules.

The Gennum GR2312 module has achieved Bluetooth qualification, and the GR2313 is currently in the process of being qualified.

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