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Advanced in-line flow sensors

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article image Turck’s new in-line flow sensor.

TURCK has announced an addition to its growing line of flow sensing products. These new self-contained monitors allow Turck to provide solutions for applications where others fail by offering several advanced features over similar flow sensing devices.

Ideal for low flow rates, these sensors can monitor changes as low as 5ml/min. The unique design, allows one sensor for use with liquids and gases. Combine this with their fast response times, and they are perfect for applications involving pulsing or periodic flow rates.

Since these sensors connect directly into the pipeline with no intrusive probe there is no need to worry about orientation or flow direction when mounting the sensor.

This design feature allows these monitors to maintain excellent accuracy specifications during changes in media temperature. These solid state devices have no moving parts that will break off or freeze up over time, which eliminates repair costs to pumps and other expensive items.

The D04 and D10 models are available with either a discrete transistor output, or 4-20mA analog signal output.

Each can be easily set up for a variety of applications with the adjustment potentiometer(s) on the front of the housing. All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel including the various tube fitting adapter accessories. Micromax 1800 634 766.

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